Frequently Asked Questions

So how exactly does it work?

In basic terms, we will loan you one of our vending machines to be placed at your premises. Once its installed we will then keep it stocked up with items for people to buy.

So how do you make your money?

We make profit on the items that people buy from the machines.

And how do we make money?

We pay you a commission from every product sold from the machine. Obviously, its in our best interests to ensure that you are happy with the rent we are paying you and that your customers are happy with the items that the items are stocked in our machines.

I bet I have to sign a long contract then...

Absolutely not. We hope to have long term relationships with all our clients, but sometimes things just don’t work out. There’s no point in having a machine in a space that doesn’t make money, so its not in our interests any more than yours to keep a machine in a space that isn’t profitable for everyone.

What assurances do you need from us?

Just basic cleaning and security. The machines cost us a lot of money so don’t want them to be in places where they are left unoccupied or where no one can see them. And we also ask that you keep them clean with a simple spray and wipe to keep them looking fresh.

What if something happens to the machine?

We have insurance to cover any accidents or damage to the machine.

How big are the machines?

We have a range of machines in a range of sizes; but generally out machines have a floor space of 12 square inches or 1 square foot.

How much can I make from 1 machine?

It depends entirely on how many people use the machine and how much money it brings in.

How many machines can I have?

It largely depends on how much accessible space you have. We have clients that have several machines and do very well from them. But equally, its better to have 2 machines that sell really well as opposed to 3 that sell ok, so we’re always keen to optimise by having the right machines selling the right products in the right locations.

Can I choose the type of machine I have?

Ultimately yes, but we have many years’ experience in matching the right machines to the right premises to ensure that we are bringing in the most possible income to make you the most possible money. We like to think that we know how to choose the right machine for you.

How often do you visit the machine?

Again, it varies depending on certain factors. But on average at least once a month

For how long?

Our engineers have restocking and servicing down to an artform so you’ll barely notice them there! The average visit is no more than a few minutes to ensure the minimum possible disruption and inconvenience.

Are you on call 24/7 if something goes wrong?

Whilst we will always do our best to respond to emergencies as quickly as possible, we don’t provide a 24/7 on call service. The main reason for this is that it would mean drastically increased operational costs which would prohibit us providing the quality of service we want to provide.

And in all the years we’ve been providing vending machine hire we’ve never had an emergency that required a very late night or very early morning call out. So it’s (almost) certain you’ll never have to worry about it!