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DT Vending has transported world-class vending machines from around the globe to the sunny (and sometimes not so sunny) Wales We've hand-picked the most popular and reliable machines from across Europe, North America and the Far East.

Wherever they come from, all our vending machines have one thing in common. They'll be quietly collecting cash from customers without you having to do anything at all. Take a quick peek into the DT Vending warehouse of wonders. One or more of these beauties could be standing on that empty patch of your floor:

Sweet Tower from Spain

The name says it all.

It's packed with over 80 individual tubs of tempting treats including chocolate raisins, chocolate peanuts, mini eggs, jelly beans, cola bottles, assorted nuts, jelly mix and more.

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Superette from Belgium

Strong, reliable but also lightweight and versatile, the Superette can hold up to four different types of sweet or toy. Like all our vending machines, it's a silent salesman who costs you nothing but delivers consistent profits.

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Fantastic 2 from Italy

An eye-catching Italian classic, which holds two separate columns of toys or sweets. It's fantastic by name and fantastic by nature, because it lets you convert empty floor space into a source of income.

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Pringles Tower from Spain

Pringles are a favourite snack for all ages and this tower dispenser makes them almost impossible to ignore. Tempt your customers' taste buds with these popular savoury nibbles delivered in their own personal carton.

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Wonder/Oblo Toy Machine from Italy

Designed to give the biggest punch from the tiniest footprint, this toy vending machine is proving to be a real hit.

Elegantly tall and packed with toys, it's both eye-catching and extremely versatile.

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Apollo from the USA

Put your coin in the slot, turn the handle, and watch your purchase spiral down the column to the dispenser at the foot. Half the pleasure of using this American classic comes simply from using it. The Apollo boasts a timeless design that looks as good now as it did when it first hit the streets, years and years ago.

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Standing Lollipop Machine from Spain

How many different flavours do Chupa Chups lollies come in? Too many to list! There's cola, strawberry cream, peach yoghurt, cherry, melon and chocolate vanilla, to name but a few.
This lollipop tower can hold up to 450 individually wrapped lollies, which is more than enough for the sweetest tooth.

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Bandai Toy Machine from Japan

Delivering collectable toys, each inside a plastic capsule, this vending machine blends futuristic design with an easy to use dispenser.
It comes with popular ranges of toys such as Pokemon, Hello Kitty and Little Dogs, and children love to use it and to collect all the toys in each series.

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Big Ball Machine from the Spain

As the name implies, this visually impressive vending machine dispenses large balls, giving the recipient a toy, a sweet and a money box. That's a three-in-one treat that will have them coming back for more.

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Beaver from Canada

A fun, compact vending machine that can be wall mounted or placed on a stand.

When packed with sweets, its striking appearance can't fail to be noticed.

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